June 24, 2024

John Cale: Baker's Dozen for The Quietus

John Cale picked his favourite 13 tracks for The Quietus for their Baker's Dozen series. He started off with long time favourites The Beach Boys, with the superb I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times from their Pet Sounds album:

It’s no secret, my admiration for all things Brian Wilson. Of course I wrote Mr Wilson as an ode to him, not so much his famous band. Pet Sounds is arguably their most disparate suite of songs – masterful in the orchestrations, lyrically introspective. [It was] the point of knowing I was right all along when I thought Brian was the dark horse genius decipherable to anyone listening beyond the pretty stuff. This demonstrated that pop doesn’t always come from a happy place. Case in point here!

Snoop Dogg is in there, as well as Sly & The Family Stone, Erik Satie (he took part in a full performance of Vexations in 1963), Bjork and Michael Rabin. The full list can be found here. Handy playlist with all tracks here:

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