August 14, 2023

The History of Gunpowder: "Swallows" video

Canadian blues band The History of Gunpowder have posted a video of them playing Swallows, the title track from their forthcoming new album, recorded during the sessions for at the Weird Church in Cumberland, BC. The full movie is also titled Swallows and will debut on the big screen at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver on September 1st, 2023.

Lead singer Alex on how the track came to be. It was spontaneous and done quickly. They wrote it and recorded in one afternoon and ended up with a free-flowing jazz-tinged composition that could have gone on for a bit longer.

This is the title track for our album Swallows. This instrumental tune came out of nowhere. It became an unexpected ethereal release of spirit from the musicians in the group. It was written, rehearsed, and recorded in one afternoon in a beautiful church on a clear day. The music video for this track depicts the creative process and freedom found in sound. Admittedly, these depictions are presented in a melodramatic fashion and with a penchant for the dreamlike. We hope you enjoy the disjointed, surrealist documentary-style music video and let us know what you think. Making things like this somehow helps work out this absurd life and it is damn fun to do.


HCTF review of Untitled #751.

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