July 05, 2023

Spottiswoode: new unplugged album "I Have So Many Friends" on August 1st

Singer-songwriter Spottiswoode will release his new I Have So Many Friends album on August 1. He revisits a couple of tracks from his back catalog and added a bunch of brand new songs, all recorded "unplugged" @ Studio 42 in Hildesheim, Germany. Jonny Gee (double bass, vocals), Matti Müller (guitar, vocals) and Angi Stricker (vocals, percussion). The title track has gotten the video treatment. It has a Latin vibe, a relaxed backing for his tongue-in-cheek, but heartfelt lyrics.

The sessions were not without problems. They found themselves locked out one time, so he had to unleash his inner superhero to regain entry: "Frantic telephone calls are made to strangers called Heinz and Gunter in the hopes of corralling an extra set of keys. At times like this I usually curl into a ball of self-pity but something in the sauerkraut brings out my inner superhero. I sprint to the woods, forage for the aforementioned ten foot pole with twigs attached, march back to the studio window, discover a disused toilet, clamber on top, zoom in on the keys on the mixing console and summon the spirit of my Norwegian fishermen ancestors".

Live dates:
  • 08/09 Totnes, Devon @ Totnes Cinema (w/ Phil Hogg)
  • 08/10 Ashburton @ Ashburton Arts Centre
  • 08/12 Kennington, London @ Toulouse Lautrec (billed as The Deadly Lampshades)
  • 08/19 Donnington Farm @ Donnfest (free)
  • 08/21 Newcastle @ The Bridge Folk Club
  • 08/23 London @ The Green Note (I Have So Many Friends release show)
  • 08/27 Bedfordshire @ Twinwood Festival (3 separate sets on 3 separate stages)

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