April 17, 2023

The Bings: Power Pop Planet (The Lost Tapes)

Every now and then an album that was supposed to be lost is rediscovered. Case in point: The Bings. They were an upbeat power pop band in the early '80s, only releasing one single back then. They cut an album that got shelved, until the 16-track multitrack master tapes were found in a California bedroom by Mark Randle, the band's bass player.

Listening to Power Pop Planet (The Lost Tapes) is like being a transported in a time machine and go back to an era where bands like The Knack and Cheap Trick dominated the charts. The vocals and guitar are upfront in this collection of sunnyside up songs about girls and dancing. They obviously enjoyed themselves during the recording sessions, when they were under the impression that recording an album would get them to the next level.

40 years on, the songs have gained a timeless quality that will get them airplay on speciality radio stations. It is like receiving a postcard from the past, whose colours have not faded it all.


The Bings:
Mark Randle: bass, lead vocals
David Chrenko: rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Don Salmen: lead guitar, backing vocals
Paul Chaffee: drums, vocals
Quint Randle: rhythmn guitar, vocals
Chris Ralles: drums, backing vocals (tracks 7-10)
Additional Guitars: Michael Dowdle (track 7-10), Rich Dixon (track 11)

Power Pop Planet (The Lost Tapes) is a self-released album (CD, digital). Buy it from their website. A special-edition LP is in the works.

  1. Please, Please, Please
  2. Oh No!
  3. Don't Stop Dancing
  4. There She Goes
  5. She's Got The Power
  6. Go Bye-Bye
  7. Close Your Eyes
  8. Just A Child
  9. Hold On
  10. Billboard By The Highway
  11. Snowbound In Our Town

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