December 28, 2022

Robert Fripp has launched his Guitar Craft website

Robert Fripp has launched his Guitar Craft website, to tie in with The Guitar Circle book and all things guitar. Visitors won't be able to play like him, but they might understand how he does things and why.

In these strange and uncertain times, a reasonable person might despair. But Hope is unreasonable; and where there is Music, there is Hope.

Can Music change our world? If so, how? What do we have to do to welcome music into our lives?

If Music is to visit, to enter in, listening is as necessary as playing and performing. So, the role of the audient is as necessary as that of the musician.

Guitar Circle activities and events welcome both guitarists and audients new to the work of the Guitar Circle & Guitar Craft, at any level of experience.

One of the privileges and quiet joys of being a working player, going out into the world, is that people, even those we have never met in person, are part of our wider family; all of us having all been touched and brought together by the power which is at the heart of music: Love.

Where do we begin? Right here, right now!

Robert Fripp
Bredonborough, Middle England;
Wednesday 7th. December, 2022.


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