November 05, 2022

The Wends: It's Here Where You Fall

Italian band Smile renamed themselves The Wends after Thom Yorke launched his project The Smile, but they kept their knack for R.E.M. meets power-pop inspired indie rock intact fo their new album, It's Here Where You Fall. Singing about relationships hitting a snag - or even rock bottom - they take it in their stridwe, making half-hearted attempts to make amends, but knowing fully well that all good things come to an end.

They wear their scars as badges of honour. Pat Benatar already knew that "love is a battlefield". The Turin based quartet taps into the same source and lucky for them it never out of ways to describe the pain and hurt.

The Wends:
Michele Sarda: vocals
Hamilton Santià: electric guitars
Mariano Zaffarano: bass
Francesco Musso: drums

The Wends: It's Here Where You Fall

It's Here Where You Fall is released via Subjangle (CD, digital).

  1. What a Heart is For
  2. Worthy of Nothing
  3. The Way We Die Tonight
  4. World of One
  5. Best Behaviour
  6. Excuses
  7. Half Faith Half Struggle

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