November 07, 2022

John Cale: all remaining UK shows rescheduled

The remaining John Cale UK shows have been rescheduled and are now part of the Mercy EU 2023 tour:

Many of you know, we’ve been fighting hard to resume these dates. Its been brutal. We’re sat here in the UK, unable to do anything other than wait for everything to become safe again. It has not. We tried everything to continue on but things are not better, they are actually worse as the days ticked by. I know many of you are rightfully frustrated with this news, for which I can only apologize and let you know how truly sorry I am for these circumstances. You must know in your hearts, we didn’t embark on this level of commitment, time, energy and gripping expense to simply just stop performing. Heartbroken is really the best description I’ve got.

We did everything we could to steer clear of this dreadful nightmare. Somehow, it got us in the end.

We are committed to making up these dates and will make sure they are first up on the next tour.

I hope you’ll have faith and join us in a few months. The shows we did manage to play on this run were some of my recent favorites. Truly warmed our hearts getting back to what matters most, playing for you all. In the best of times, its not an easy fete to tour these days. However, its what I still find the most satisfying. To feel the energy we get from a live audience - there’s nothing else like it!

Europe Mercy EU 2023 tour dates:

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