November 07, 2022

Aidan & The Wild: Revelation Never Came (deluxe edition)

Last year Dutch folk singer and multi-instrumentalist Diederik van den Brandt scooped up lots of praise for Revelation Never Came, an album from his home-studio project Aidan & The Wild. After tinkering with the tracks himself, he reached out to Bobbie, Desi Ducrot, Baptiste W. Hamon and Merel Sophie to lend a hand. Even though all recordings had to be remotely the album sounded great, capturing an intimacy that can easily fool the listener into believing that the songs were captured in the round. He got a few co-writes out of it as well as an added bonus. Rave reviews came rolling in and he went out on the road, only to be grounded again after just one show.

The new "deluxe"edition" of the album has four live tracks recorded @ De Effenaar for a Concert Plaza session in his hometown Eindhoven. All of them have some extra gravy to next to impossible to create in a studio environment. Van den Brandt has internalized all the best bits of Americana and made them his own. His excellent phrasing and ability to tell a story in deceptively straightforward language put him way ahead of the local - and maybe even international - competition.

Aidan & The Wild: Revelation Never Came (deluxe edition)

Revelation Never Came (deluxe edition) is released via Revanche Records.

  1. Running
  2. It’s Alright
  3. The Whip (feat. Merel Sophie)
  4. You Needn’t Worry
  5. I Am The Highroad
  6. Never Crossed My Mind
  7. I Surrender To Thee
  8. Revelation Never Came
  9. What It Ain’t (feat. Bobbie, Desi Ducrot, Baptiste W. Hamon)
  10. These Shallow Waters
  11. You Needn’t Worry (Live at the Effenaar)
  12. It’s Alright (Live at the Effenaar)
  13. Running (Live at the Effenaar)
  14. What It Ain’t (Live at the Effenaar)


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