November 02, 2022

Organised Scum: Remoan

English experimental post-punkers Organised Scum keep their genre-bending approach in good repair on their new album, Remoan, serving up a full-course meal of jazz, noise-rock, New Wave, spoken word and a bit of psychedelia. Post-modernism is mixed with humour and serious concern. Brexit has made a mess of the UK, hence the album's title. While it sounds a bit overcrowded in classic '80s fashion, it is worth the trouble to give it a few spins to get to the gist of their method: building a wall of sound, decorated with melodic footholds and handles to give the listener something to cling onto.

Remoan has all the trappings of becoming a cult album. From the slightly provocative cover art - a mirrored image of Nietzsche contemplating life on top of a collage featuring Mickey Mouse, the bartender from the Love Boat series, 45, Elon Musk, Leon Trotsky, Tom Cruise and various other leaders of ill and (sometimes) good repute - and off-kilter songs like the repetitive Secret Stalinist and the need for a face ornament by sporting a Modernist Beard, it is clear that these musicians are not out there to please, but make people think. A powerful statement that will finds its way to avant-pop aficionado who also like to read books and newspapers.

Organised Scum:
Tom Duggins: vocals, guitar
Sean Canty: drums, percussion
Mehdy El Arabti: synth, bass

Organised Scum: Remoan

Remoan is a self-released album. It is available on the usual digital outlets.

  1. Midland
  2. Cohen
  3. Mulberry Leaf
  4. Casement
  5. 1980
  6. Roman Shell
  7. Modernist Beard
  8. 1980 (Interlude)
  9. Secret Stalinist

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