September 02, 2022

Johnny Dowd: "Homemade Pie" on Bandcamp

Johnny Dowd has made his latest album review of Homemade Pie available as a digital release on Bandcamp: "Dowd has always been a genre of his own, exploring the alleys connecting blues, country, vaudeville, funk, rock and maybe of dozen more. His songs are populated with losers, disgruntled, lovers, con men, players, and small time crooks. Thankfully they never show any signs of regret or remorse, which makes for far more interesting stories than gratuitous happy ending. Exhibit A: the title track Homemade Pie, the story of a sketchy salesman who gets shot and crucified".

Buy from Bandcamp. Want it on CD? Go to his website.

Also of note is the announcement that he will start recording his next record in Memphis and that it will be released on vinyl:

people people people---according 2 the dalai lama the purpose of life is happiness---i guess---you just can't sing better than billie holiday---she deserved more happiness than i think she experienced---it makes me happy to listen to her---maybe the dalai meant other peoples happiness---my point is i am finally going to do a vinyl release and u best believe it will make u happy happy HAPPY-----band is sounding real good---getting ready to head down to memphis to record this fall---remember happy people make happy people unless being an evil doer makes u happy--later on--johnny
Live dates:
  • 09/15 Brooktondale, NY @ Brookton's Market
  • 09/25 Ithaca, NY @ Porchfest Ithaca
  • 10/26 Kingston, NY @ Tubby's
  • 10/27 Ithaca, NY @ Deep Dive

He is hoping to do a string of house concerts and hit up a couple of intimate venues in 2023. Maybe, just maybe, he might make it all the way to the West Coast, so that his niece's new baby can finally lay eyes on her cool great uncle.


HCTF review of Homemade Pie.

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