September 30, 2022

HCTF premiere - Cozy Slippers: I Can't Keep You Safe

Seattle based jangling, indie rock trio Cozy Slippers tackle the anxiety that pops up after realizing that trouble always finds a way on their new single I Can't Keep You Safe. It is quite unsettling, but they sugarcoat the message with an upbeat chorus as a counterpoint to the melancholy of the verses. Barbara Barrilleaux (drums, keyboards, and vocals), Sarah Engel (bass and vocals) and Steven Skelton (guitar) have bottled their fears and serve it as a sparkling beverage. Guitar lovers should take note of the short and sweet break.

It is a track from their self-titled debut album, due for release on October 14th via Kleine Underground Schallplatten (vinyl) and Subjangle (CD).

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