July 26, 2022

Rob Clarke and The Wooltones: Rubber Chicken B Sides

For people who are not familiar with the output of Liverpudlian psych pop band Rob Clarke and The Wooltones picking up their Rubber Chicken B Sides can serve as a gateway drug to the rest of their discography, with among others an updated version of classic Merseybeat, a good natured stab at the Monkees, and a throwback to the age before Britain embraced the decimal system and things appeared to be cheaper, but weren't.

They are a group that does not follow trends, but cherishes the past, finding new ways to keep the sound of yesterday safe for anyone who loves an ace melody combined with lyrical wit and melancholy, whether it is their 2015 short and sweet single Brown Paper Bag or their sprawling reimagination of the West Coast sound during the Summer of Love with Love And Haight (from their Putting The L in Wootones album), complete with a Doors-inspired organ part and Byrds-alike guitar.

Rubber Chicken B Sides is released via Aldora Britain Records.

  1. Brown Paper Bag
  2. Last Train To Rob Clarkesville
  3. Better Times
  4. Love And Haight

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