July 07, 2022

Nathan Pope: Waiting There For Me

Raw talent always finds a way. Blues guitarist and singer Nathan Pope is a youngster from Burlington, North Carolina, who started playing guitar when he was 7, with is Grandmother as his greatest supporter. His first full-length Waiting There For Me is a throwback to the early '70s when shredders and virtuosos were competing for a place in the spotlights. His tone is confident and he gives himself plenty of leeway in the longer tracks like Alive and The One. With a couple of well-known veterans helping him out - drummers Kenny Aronoff, Bogie Bowles & al Bergman, bass players James LoMenzo & Dave Wilbur, he can focus on his instrument and his vocals.

As a composer, he is lightyears ahead of his age, sliding up and down the scales like there is no tomorrow. He can make his instrument howl like a banshee and purr like a contented kitten. The lyrics could do with a bit more variation, but that is only a matter time, when life has thrown him a couple of stumble blocks. Also: nice touch having his Grandmother joining him on piano on the title track. She could never have guessed that something like that would happen when she gifted him his first guitar.

Nathan Pope: Waiting There For Me

Waiting There For Me is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Alive (feat. Kenny Aronoff & James LoMenzo)
  2. Ain't Worth Fighting For
  3. Waiting There For Me (feat. Doris Powell, Bogie Bowles & Dave Wilbur)
  4. Doom
  5. My Journey (feat. Bogie Bowles & Dave Wilbur)
  6. SLXW
  7. Beautiful Cruel World
  8. Wxnter
  9. The One (feat. Tal Bergman)
  10. Dream Come True
  11. Blue On Black
  12. Krypto's Lullaby

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