June 12, 2022

The Special Pillow: Mind Wipe

Hoboken psych rock quartet The Special Pillow have unveiled the title track from their forthcoming new EP, Mind Wipe, due for release on August 12 via Zofko Records. It is a jangling, upbeat song about starting over after all the bad stuff has been erased from memory - on a voluntary basis, mind you. They recorded it at Brooklyn's Deep Dive studio, a facility that has vintage gear and digital under the same roof. It is run by engineer Mitch Rackin.

The Special Pillow:
Dan Cuddy: bass, vocals, moon guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel
Katie Gentile: violin, viola, vocals
Peter Stuart: guitars, vocals, electric sitar
Eric Marc Cohen: drums, percussion, vocals

» specialpillow.com

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