June 13, 2022

HCTF premiere - Al Rose: "Shooting Straight" video

Chicago rocker Al Rose has made a video for his new single, Shooting Straight, using footage from the classic Popeye cartoons. He is serious that telling lies is being taken seriously. Fake news has replaced the facts - "Loaded dice and crooked looks are pissing on the burning bush" and "Shooting straight no longer is an option in this world".

With his guitar as a weapon Rose hopes to make a difference, but he might be preaching to the converted, now that a dialogue between different opinions has become next to impossible, with people being confined in their own bubble of shared beliefs.

Shooting Straight is a track from his forthcoming album Again The Beginner, due for release on July 8th. It is available for preorder here.

Live dates:
  • 06/23 Chicago, IL @ Rattleback Records
    (listening party + in-store performance)
  • 07/08 Chicago, IL @ Montrose Saloon
    (album release party)
  • 08/23 Chicago, IL @ The Northman Riverwalk
  • 08/24 Highland Park, IL @ Ravinia Farmer's Market
  • 09/11 Chicago, IL @ Montrose Saloon
  • 10/09 Chicago, IL @ Montrose Saloon
  • 11/13 Chicago, IL @ Montrose Saloon
  • 12/11 Chicago, IL @ Montrose Saloon

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