June 04, 2021

Tuff Sunshine: My Greatest Hits

At the moment Johnny Leitera is the last man standing of NYC rock trio Tuff Sunshine. Being on his own hasn't slowed him down and he is been busy recording the songs for a solo album, most of it done in a former textile plant, his current place of residence. On his new single, the ironically titled My Greatest Hits, he latched unto a guitar groove that has swagger written all over it. His relaxed vocals show a man, who is aware that his kind of music is not very fashionable right now - a fact that doesn't bother him at all. Recommended if you like Pavement, Dinosaur Jr or in fact any shoegaze band that can carry a tune that is far too weird for jocks and cheerleaders.

His new album, Yesterday Suit, will be released via indie label Declared Goods. The video was made by Stephanie Sleeper

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