June 01, 2021

Layla Frankel: Postcard from the Moon

Layla Frankel

Singer Layla Frankel has found a way to use her soulful jazzy delivery into Americana and folk on her new EP Postcard from the Moon. Now based in Nashville, TN, she hooked up with producer and musician Jim Kimball for a bunch of songs about trying to heal after a breakup she thoroughly regrets. In hindsight she realized that she can't do without "tender loving care" (TLC) and she still hopes that her ex Josephine will reconsider: "I know apologizing doesn’t change a thing,// but if you’re listening, I promise I’ll be better// I just want more time together". She used a passage from Susan Orlean’s The Library Book as the starting point for her new single Dear Jennie. It is the story of a love letter, written anonymously to a woman named Jennie, that has been gathering dust for decades in a book. Embedded in a rich neo-country arrangement of strings, guitars and keys, Frankel tells the story with compassion, picking up the most likely one-sided conversation.

Postcard from the Moon supersedes her debut Tame the Fox on all levels. She has grown as a lyricist and uses her voice with confidence as the lead instrument. Any thoughts about being out of place in "Music City, U.S.A." can be put away now. Next step: a full-length, hopefully with the same bunch of ace musicians having her back.

Layla Frankel: lead vocals
Alex DeVor: keyboards, piano
Mark Hill: bass
Jim Kimball: acoustic guitar, mandolin
Sol Littlefield: electric guitars
Nir Zidkyahu: drums
Jonathan Yudkin: string section, string arrangement

Layla Frankel: Postcard from the Moon

Postcard from the Moon is a self-released EP. Buy it from her website.

  1. TLC
  2. Dear Jennie
  3. You Can't Love Me Like I Loved You
  4. Josephine
  5. Without Suffering
  6. Westward Bound (Bonus Track)

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