June 11, 2021

Irmin Schmidt: interview in The Spectator

Irmin Schmidt is interviewed in The Spectator about the new Can live series. On how they got started as a band:

We didn’t even intend to become a rock group,’ says Schmidt. ‘I wanted a few musicians around me who came from totally different traditions of contemporary music. I came from the European classical music tradition, but there was another tradition that created jazz and rock, which basically has its roots in America and Africa. I wanted to bring these contemporary traditions together using people rooted deeply in other forms. Jaki started playing in a Dixieland band and ended up with free jazz. Michael was really a Beat guitarist. To bring together a melting of these traditions, you cannot plan it! You had to just spontaneously create something with those musicians. That is how the group was formed.

Live in Stuttgart 1975, the first of the live series, is released as a 3LP and 2CD via Spoon Records and distributed via Mute.

» Irmin Schmidt on Wikipedia

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