May 16, 2021

William Denton Wilde: My Heroin

One-man band William Denton Wilde sings about his failure to juggle two kinds of addiction on his new single My Heroin. A lover who can never be fully his can be as devastating as a hard drug. Harsh, slow moving synth-driven neo New Wave, with an upfront electronic drum beat and a bass line for which Andrew Eldritch would have gladly handed over his firstborn. Like his previous single, We Are The Virus, he recorded most of it at home, playing bass, and using a drum machine and a computer, with some help from his mate Alex @ Polestar Rehearsal and Recording Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne.

My Heroin is a self-released single. Buy it from his website.

» William Denton Wilde on Facebook

HCTF review of We Are The Virus.

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