May 14, 2021

Razorhouse: Hobo Stomp

Chicago based psychedelic blues band Razorhouse invite the listeners to loose themselves in their lowdown lo-fi new single Hobo Stomp, a passage way into a world where clothes and booze to keep you warm are the most prized possesions. The 12-bar format has produced a lot of memorable songs over the years and this one deserves prominent billing. Mark Panick's hoarse vocals are not aiming to please, but to drive home a point: dance away the night in a way they don't teach at school.

Mark Panick: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Curtis Ruptash: bass
David Suycott: percussion
Guest musicians:
Matthew Clark: backing vocals and remote engineering
Jeff Harris: guitar

Hobo Stomp is a released via Underwear Factory Toy Records. Buy it from the band's website.


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