January 19, 2021

Chang: Tempting

Where to start to describe the music of Bristol based trio Chang? Alexandra “Geez” Amargianitakis, Arron “Frankie” Lewis, and Jeff “The Jingle” Ingle play by their own rules. The band themselves are dead set against pigeon-holing, but here is a breakdown of sorts of their latest single Tempting.

They kick things off with bit of loungey jazz mixed with pop, followed by burst of punk/grunge and a hardhitting progressive rock guitar solo down before winding down to jangling Smiths' musings and coming full circle with the lounge vibe. All within the space of two minutes and 38 seconds, not wasting any time to create something truly remarkable. O, and they sing about fucking, so their only change to get airplay is on the stations which are not run by bigots fearing an outcry from their listeners and sponsors.

Tempting is released via Mayfield Records.

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