September 10, 2019

Marvin Dee Band: Changes

The Dutch melodic rockers of the Marvin Dee Band are firing on all cylinders on their new album Changes, with brass and strings added to their signature shared vocal parts. Although the album was named after a song that did not make the final track listing it is an adequate title for a bunch songs contemplating the passage of time: kids growing up fast (Little Boy), pondering about recent events (Step Back) and old age (Harder).

It seems that the band is at a crossroads. Reminiscing has set in big time and it shows in their AOR arrangements. They target an adult audience WHO has gone through some ups and downs, wrapping the lyrics in radiofriendly music harking back to the Seventies. Passionate yet subdued rock that isn't cool as such, but it is brutally honest and proudly mainstream.

Changes is a self-released album (vinyl, CD, digital). Buy it from their website.

  1. Bolt Everything Down
  2. DYWWK
  3. Little Boy
  4. Step Back
  5. Solid
  6. Ok
  7. Proud
  8. Harder
  9. Hungry
  10. Sweetlake City
  11. Waking Up

Live dates:
  • 09/24 Amsterdam @ Q-Factory Amsterdam (w/ King Of The World, Hardland)
  • 09/27 Amsterdam @ Concerto Recordstore (instore)
  • 09/28 Alkmaar @ Pop-Eye/Velvet Music (instore)
  • 10/06 The Hague @ Paard


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