June 13, 2019

Savoy Brown: City Night

Savoy Brown is a true blues institution. Guitarist Kim Simmonds founded the band in 1965 and although the band went to numerous lineups in the decades that followed thy always stood by their brand of English blues rock - not many bands can hand over a resume listing 40 albums.

Their latest album City Night is as energetic as ever, with twelve well-paced twelve bar blues songs about booze, trouble, and rock ''n' roll. They stick to what they do best, laying down a solid back beat, swinging bass allowing the guitar to roam free. Savoy Brown is here to stay for many more years, as a reminder and continuation of the blues boom that took the world by storm in the Sixties.

Savoy Brown:
Kim Simmonds: guitar, vocals
Pat DeSalvo: bass
Garnet Grimm: drums

City Night is released via Quarto Valley Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Walking On Hot Stones
  2. Don’t Hang Me Out To Dry
  3. Payback Time
  4. Red Light Mama
  5. Conjure Rhythm
  6. Neighborhood Blues
  7. Selfish World
  8. Wearing Thin
  9. City Night
  10. Hang In Tough
  11. Superstitious Woman
  12. Ain’t Gonna Worry

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