June 18, 2019

Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen: Speaking of Witches

Louisville, KY band Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen play soft-spoken, country-tinged, folk songs about heartbreak and other mishaps on their latest album Speaking of Witches. What makes stand out among their peers is their use of cello and the septavo synthesizer, two instruments with distinctive sounds that are not that common in the Americana niche.

Lead singer Rebecca Rego often blends in with her band, foregoing the text book role of the singer's spotlight. Piano lovers will love the extended coda of No One Knows Me. Country lovers get their fix with the title track and Find Something Real.

Rebecca Rego & The Trainmen:
Rebecca Rego: vocals, acoustic guitar
Eric Fitts: electric bass, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
Cory Ponton: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, septavox, vocals
Evan Opitz: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
Jack Peterson: cello
Matt Yeates: drums, percussion
Mia Carruthers: vocals

Speaking of Witches is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from their website.

  1. Fear, Love, and Greed
  2. Speaking of Witches
  3. Magic
  4. Worst Days
  5. No One Knows Me
  6. Lost the Light
  7. Find Something Real
  8. Time
  9. Maybe It Was Easy
  10. Tiny Boats

Live dates:
  • 07/07 Louisville, KY @ Poorcastle
  • 07/13 Urbana, IL @ Songwriters round
  • 07/20 Zanesville, OH @ Weasel Boy Brewing Company
  • 08/24 West Kankakee, IL @ Friday after 5

» rebeccaregoandthetrainmen.com

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