May 02, 2019

Grus Paridae: Melting Pot

Finnish progressive rock project Grus Paridae are not very prolific, but once the core duo of Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen have finished tracking all the parts of the guest players for their latest composition odds arre that they have created a complex yet elegant structure. Melting Pot could be labeled as a neo-classical piece of music, thanks to guest vocalist Saima Hyökki who has put her range and training to good use. It is a pocket symphony with top shelf piano playing and exquisite violins.

Petteri Kurki: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion,synths, programming
Rami Turtiaine: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion,synths, programming
Jarno Koivunen: piano, violin, synths, guitar
Very special guests:
Saima Hyökki: vocals
Esa Ylivaara: grand piano
Aya Koivunen: violins

Melting Pot is a self-released single.

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