May 23, 2019

Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение ("Absolutely Good Mood"): Скрижали ("Tablets")

Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение ("Absolutely Good Mood") are a Russian quartet from Volgograd who managed to incorporate bits and pieces of traditional music and quite a few literary references into Seventies rock, prog-metal, pastoral psychedelica, avant-garde and post-punk. Their latest album Скрижали was recorded in fits and starts over a four year period (2015-2018). This lengthy recording process did not get in the way of their goal to create a consistent Gesamtkunstwerk. Also: performing the songs live on the Russian underground circuit had helped them to iron out the kinks in the more complex parts of the compositions.

Скрижали is an album that should be listened as a whole. It would be a waste to cut up the listening into separate tracks. The recurring musical themes and vignettes make it a cohesive concept record, an almost lost art that is preserved by a bunch of versatile artists who push each other to the next level. It will be challenge for them to surpass the fluency and musical prowess they have shown on this one.

Абсолютно Хорошее Настроение:
Jaroslav Bagrov: vocals, bass, samples, melodic harmonica (9)
Dmitry Russkov: guitar, backing vocals, samples, noises, triangle (7)
Alexey Sliver: drums, bass, backing vocals, noises
Alexey Litvintsev: backing vocals
Elena Kartashova: triangle (5)

Скрижали is a self-released album, available via all the usual digital outlets.

  1. Скрижали
  2. Протяни
  3. Между Нами
  4. Лишь Бы Не Плакали
  5. Лети
  6. Дружок
  7. Солдат Неудачи
  8. Как По Первому Снегу
  9. Гулливер


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