April 28, 2019

Faux Co.: Radio Silence

photo: Dan Jarvis

Chicago indie rockers Faux Co. are heavily influenced by jangling psychedelic Sixties West Coast Pop. Their debut full-length Radio Silence covers all the bases and more - Nineties college rock wiggled in its way as well. Set The Record Straight is slightly ahead of the competition, with its smart use of saxophones and trumpet.

This all killer no-filler release by a band that puts melody first, with an in-the-pocket rhythm section riding shotgun. The old school rock 'n' roll ballad Oh, Mother Night should be released on a 7" and claim its rightful place in a carefully restored jukebox.

Faux Co.:
Ben Mackey: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, bass
Chris Lee: drums and vocals
Trevor Pritchett: guitar, keys, vocals
Danny Cohen: keyboards and bass
Anna Holmquist: vocals and keys on track 2
Donnie Sujak: baritone sax on track 2
Alex Paguirigan: tenor sax on track 2
Cory Anderson: trumpet on track 2

Radio Silence is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Prozac Spaceman
  2. Set The Record Straight
  3. The Sun Will Come Back
  4. Oh, Mother Night
  5. Gimme Sumthin'
  6. It's Nothing, Really
  7. Maybe is a Word
  8. Get a Say

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