March 22, 2019

Wardrobe: Giving Up a Ghost

Wardrobe started out as one-man project by Flemish musician Johan Verckist, but now is has turned into a full band. With the new Giving Up a Ghost album they travel to the outskirts of electro-pop, where anything might happen - provided it is catchy and melancholic. Most of the songs deal with heartbreak and loss (Distance, Back Doubles), although Verckist doesn't shun opinions. Exhibit A: the album's opener Armchair Critic.

He is not taking it lying down. In the defiant Off the Reel the band turns it up a notch with an abrasive Pixies-alike guitar and bass tandem. After all is said done it becomes apparent that a Hollywood ending isn't in the cards. All is not lost just yet. The album ends with a superb, slowed down cover of Come Back and Stay.

Giving Up a Ghost is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, vinyl) from his website.

  1. Armchair Critic
  2. 24 Weeks
  3. King Of Clay
  4. Someday
  5. Live Forever
  6. Distance
  7. Long Gone
  8. Back Doubles
  9. Off the Reel
  10. Nothing’s Ever Gonna Change
  11. Ice Box Man
  12. Come Back and Stay

Live dates:
  • 04/13 Waterput, Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands
  • 04/13 RSD, Vooruit, Gent, Belgium
  • 04/19 Zapoi, Mechelen, Belgium
  • 05/26 Wolwinkel, Geel, Belgium
  • 06/20 Café Hofman, Utrecht, Netherlands


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