March 24, 2019

Custard Flux: "Helium (& Helium Bonus)"' on vinyl

Helium, the debut album of the new acoustic psychedelic prog project Custard Flux led by Gregory Curvey, is coming to vinyl as a 2LP set, including all the tracks of the Helium Bonus disc:

Being a newbie at this, without any record company help that is, I had way too much music per LP side (Thanks for the tip Pete!). Cutting off limbs is never an option, so I've added another LP. Helium will be a Double LP on 180g Raspberry Colored Vinyl housed in a Jacket with a 1/4" spine, kept nice and neat in a reusable plastic bag. The price will be $40 + Shipping. I'll be sending a crate or two of LPs to my wonderful helpers in Bristol England for EU distribution, and I expect a few to go to Clearspot International. But...

... here's the catch...

...I will need to get 100 pre-orders to help cover the manufacturing and shipping expenses. That's the only way this project can get off the ground. I think we can make it happen.

Drop him a line if you want to have this. "The music on Helium flows and bubbles in a pastoral way. Even the Tiger he comes across can be handled using the teachings of the Hindu god Shiva ("Anger and sadness // Feed the tiger inside"). Out Of Phase describes a couple a couple slowly drifting apart, trying to stay in sync like an oscillator does. Gregory Curve chooses his words carefully, with unusual but spot on metaphors. It only adds to the dreamy music that he has comes up with. It's a Technicolor listening experience."


HCTF review of Helium.

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