January 15, 2019

Van Dammes: Risky Business

Finnish punk rockers Van Dammes are having a blast in their new EP Risky Business. Never mind that one of songs is called I Don’t Like Music Anymore. It's obvious that they still love churning out loud ans fast songs. The Helsinki based band won't win any awards for musical inventiveness, but will receive high grades for entertainment value.

Plenty of fuzz, locked-in vocals sharing, some politics, but above all energy. They never changed their formula - four EPs and counting - and why should they? Play loud and enjoy.

Van Dammes:
Ilkka Hildén: bass
Markus Kujawa: synth, vocals
Jussi Roine: drums
Juho Talja: guitar, vocals

Risky Business is released thru Rockstar Records (vinyl, digital).

  1. Risky Business
  2. I Don’t Like Music Anymore
  3. Spaceship
  4. 100m
  5. Grand Slam Season
  6. Tax Free World

Live dates:
  • 01/25 Hamburg, Germany @ Menschenzoo
  • 01/26 Brussels, Belgium @ Chaff
  • 01/27 Tübingen, Germany @ Münzgasse 13
  • 01/28 Zürich, Switzerkand @ Dynamo
  • 01/29 Saarbrücken, Germany @ Tante Anna
  • 01/30 Köln, Germany @ Sonic Ballroom
  • 01/31 Kladno, Czech Republic @ Auto da Fe
  • 02/01 Nitra, Slovakia @ Mariatchi
  • 02/02 Berlin, Germany @ Schokoladen

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