December 15, 2018

Roz Vitalis: The Hidden Man of the Heart

Russian prog ensemble Roz Vitalis dive into the world of spiritualism on their new concept album The Hidden Man of the Heart. Add a bunch of biblical references and it could have turned into another rather vague invocation of imaginary friends in the sky for adults. The music can be enjoyed as such as a series of carefully classical inspired rock, with recurring motifs played by a top notch band aided by string quartet and a few guest musicians.

With nods to the heyday of 19th Century romanticism and early Seventies prog bands Roz Vitalis has pulled off the construction of a towering rock symphony. The back story about temptation, anguish and enlightenment is an example of preaching to the faithful, but anyone who believes in the power of good music can enjoy it as a stand-alone piece of art.

Roz Vitalis:
Vladimir Efimov: guitars
Alexey Gorshkov: trumpets, guitars
Ruslan Kirillov: bass guitar
Vladislav Korotkikh: flutes
Ivan Rozmainsky: keyboards
Philip Semenov: drums
Vladimir Semenov-Tyan-Shansky: guitars
Danila Danilov: synthesizers
Yury Khomonenko: percussion
Mark Makaro: mandolin
Leonid Perevalov: bass clarinet
Les-Quartet conducted by Georgy Fyodorov:
Long Fam: violin
Valeriya Kondratyeva: violin
Vyacheslav Agabekov: viola
Sofiya Deynekina: cello

The Hidden Man of the Heart is released thru Lizard Records.

  1. Someone Passed Over
  2. Passing Over (LP Version)
  3. Rhapsody of Refugees
  4. Blurred
  5. Trampled by the Lion And Adder
  6. Thou Shalt Tread Upon the Lion and Adder
  7. Passing on the Line
  8. Disturbed by Jungle
  9. Jungle Waltz
  10. Wounded by the Lion and Adder
  11. Fret Not Thyself Because of Evildoers
  12. The Hidden Man of the Heart
  13. Some Refugee Passed Over
  14. Psalm 6 (LP Version)


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