December 12, 2018

Heavenly Heroes: Heavenly Heroes

Dutch alternative rockers Heavenly Heroes honour the true-and-tried powertrio format on their self-titled EP. While the lyrics can be dark and foreboding, with Monster as the prime example the music is a mix of light and shade. it's a blend of powerpop, a bit of prog, arena rock and even some glam and Britpop. They have a created a seamless jigsaw puzzle by way of double tracking and next level overdubs.

For a first effort they have risen to challenge to make a lasting impression that puts them right on the very short list of interesting new alternative rock bands. Bring on the full-length. Plenty of ideas on this EP that deserve further exploration.

Heavenly Heroes:
Jerry: lead vocals, guitar, bass
Tasilo: guitars, backing vocals
Jules: drums, backing vocals

Heavenly Heroes is a self-released EP (gatefold 12" vinyl). Buy it from their website. Or stop by the excellent record shop Sounds in their hometown Venlo.

Side A:
  1. Monster
  2. We All Need The Sun
Side B:
  1. Reset
  2. Beautiful
  3. '

Live dates
  • 02/17 Limburg, Netherlands @ L1 Live TV session


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