November 24, 2018

Broeder Dieleman w/ Wannes Capelle and Frans Grapperhaus: more tour dates

Six shows have been added to Dutch folk musician Broeder Dieleman's tour with Wannes Capelle and Frans Grapperhaus next year. Be prepared for a night of storytelling, humour and next level roots music.

Their new collaborative album Dit Is De Bedoeling will be the main course during the proceedings. The album wil be released on January 18th thru Snowstar Records (Netherlands) en Unday Records (Belgium).

Live dates:
  • 03/21 Luxor Live, Arnhem, Netherlands
  • 03/28 Penninckhuis, Deventer, Netherlands
  • 03/29 De Spil, Roeselare, Belgium
  • 03/30 GC De Kluize, Oosterzele, Belgium
  • 04/13 Tweetakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 04/19 Motel Mozambique, Rotterdam, Netherlands



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