October 30, 2018

Microplaza: Microplaza

Microplaza is a genre-defying project by Dutch musicians Benjamin van Vliet (Microwolf) and Arno Breuer (Pino Plaza, Sven Agaath) made a self-titled EP with five off-kilter tunes. Think adventurous phrasing, weird effects and shifting rhythms - catchy as Hell in a geeky way. It's all over in a little under 8 minutes, after which it's quite alright to have a What The Fuck moment and try again to make sense of it all. Or just go with the flow with this mini-album from the flourishing underground scene in the Netherlands.

Microplaza is released thru Tiny Room Records as a very limited edition 7″ (30 copies only) on November 3rd. Release party @ Studio Patrick (Vechtclub XL) in Utrecht (w/ Logout and a DJ set by the eclectic DJ Don Der Op).

Side A:
  1. C'Mon
  2. White Flag
  3. Salsa
Side B:
  1. Kiddo
  2. Old Joke

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