July 01, 2018

The Chewers: Downhill Calendar

Garage noise rock duo The Chewers explore the underbelly of their hometown Nashville on their nee album Downhill Calendar, ambling through the rat-infested back alleys, a plague that is put to good use as a source of nutrition and makeshift clothing in I'm Getting Thinner. Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler shun any from of crowd pleasing and their lyrics will throw the folks at the PMRC into a hissy fit when they are exposed to Where Is the Fun?: "Sometimes I Think I'm a piece of shit // Sometimes I think I'm great // Sometimes all I can do in a day is self-flagellate and masturbate". Their warped sense of humour comes to fore in Frankie's Downhill Calendar, a Bukowskian tale of demise ("Bought himself a smart phone, found out that he was stupid").

Their relentless brand of distorted guitar and pounding drums will be appreciated by fans of Tom Waits, Johnny Dowd and Nick Cave. With Downhill Calendar they state that every cloud doesn't come with a silver lining, but can cast another shadow instead.

Downhill Calendar is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. I'm Getting Thinner
  2. Skin Stay Thin
  3. Where Is the Fun?
  4. Rat Belly
  5. Frankie's Downhill Calendar
  6. Yo Yellow Pig
  7. Then There's Me
  8. I Let the Stooge Loose

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