May 05, 2018

Martha Jane & the Talisman: Love Spells

Dutch swamp blues band Martha Jane & the Talisman lean to country voodoo on their new EP Love Spells, with a sense of imminent danger playing catch with sexual innuendo. Singer Martha Jane Settler put her vocals through a couple of carefully picked filters - with some double-tracking for extra punch - while guitarist Maarten van der Grinten wails away in full-on Tennessee mode.

The key elements are swagger and letting go. No need to explain what Shake It, Shake It is about, right? Even drawing a blank is turned into a good thing during When Nothing Comes to Mind. And when things go wrong, there is a upside to that too by turning the tables to create a belter like I Hear A Song in Every Lie. Love Spells is like a good glass of a fiery alcoholic beverage: intoxicating and liberating, never mind the consequences.

Love Spells is released thru Baby Eagle Records.

  1. I Hear A Song in Every Lie
  2. Shake It, Shake It
  3. When Nothing Comes to Mind
  4. The Strongest Tree
  5. Upside Down

Live dates:
  • 05/10 Zaandam, Netherlands @ Podium De Flux (w/ The Delta Saints)
  • 07/24 Bladel, Netherlands @ Totaal Festival 2018
  • 08/27 Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands @ De Parade
  • 09/14 Utrecht, Netherlands @ Mother's Finest


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