April 05, 2018

Great Lakes: Dreaming Too Close to the Edge

Brooklyn based folk band Great Lakes go back to their rock and pop origins on their new album Dreaming Too Close to the Edge. It is an album about trying (and failing) to connect, rocky relationships and hoping for a Hollywood ending. For anyone who has been half of a miss-matched duo the record contains many "I have been there" moments. Band leader, singer and lyricist Ben Crum takes it all in stride, being older and wiser now helps.

Despite the highly personal content of Dreaming Too Close to the Edge the music is more edgy and rock 'n' roll than the country vibe that ran through its predecessor Wild Vision. Exposing hurt through noise and even a bit of feedback make it an album that can cross-over to rock and Americana fans, a recipe followed by Neil Young and John Hiatt. Deceptively pretty songs about nasty things tend to make a lasting, even scathing impression and that is what Great Lakes have achieved with flying colours.

Dreaming Too Close to the Edge will be released on April 6 on Loose Trucks Records.

  1. End of An Error
  2. Bury the Hatchet
  3. Time Served
  4. Minor Blues
  5. To Live is To Lose
  6. Kingdom Came
  7. Mixed Blood
  8. Gold
  9. Awaking Up Together
  10. You Could Have Had Me For A Song

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