April 23, 2018

DeiCont | Philips Collective: DeiCont | Philips Collective

The members of improv jazz quintet DeiCont | Philips Collective know ech other quite well, having played in toher combinations as part of Flea Boy Records, an artists-run niche label with landing strips in Amsterdam and New York. Led by bassist Mike DeiCont and trumpet player Allison Philips they set out to roam the back alleys of free-flowing jazz on their self-titled EP.

Guitarist Louis Cohen and drummer Alex Kirkpatrick had not trouble fitting in, due to their collaboration with Mike DeiCont in the jazz power trio Desert Foxx. That left the burden of luring the band out the comfort zone to Allison Philips and second drummer Connor Parks. While there is no real friction, the tension gives the five tracks an edge as they try to follow each other with the on the spot creation of something new and fresh. The gentle opener September No. 1 is a kind of feeler track, but after each player has found a place everything clicks and things reach a peak when they get down and dirty during Louder Together. The listener is a fly on the wall, with a sense of bewilderment giving way to appreciation within the space of few bars.

DeiCont | Philips Collective:
Allison Philips: trumpet
Mike DeiCont: bass
Louis Cohen: guitar
Alex Kirkpatrick: drums
Connor Parks: drums

DeiCont | Philips Collective is released on Flea Bboy Records. Release date: April 28th.

  1. September No. 1
  3. Louder Together
  4. Spinning Box
  5. Sad To Be Meeting You

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