February 22, 2018

Wouter Dewit: Still

photo: Liesbeth Driessen

Belgian artist Wouter Dewit is a classically trained pianist who writes his own material, delivered with a soft yet powerful touch, not unlike the works of Zbigniew Preisner. His album Still is a study in less is more. He chooses his notes carefully, following the adage that the silences between the notes between are as equally important.

While most pianists like to commandeer the spotlight pretty all of the time, he steps back every now and then allowing the other musicians to shine. Still is about silence and taking time to think thinks through. It makes for captivating listening, although he could do with the voices that don't add much to two of the tracks.

Wouter Dewit: Hoffmann Upright piano, Bechstein grand piano, Fender Rhodes
Sonja Haering: violin
Tine Anthonis: cello
Joeri Vaerendonck: double bass
Luc Vandael: electric bass on "Still, It Is"
Joris Peeters: voices on "Spring Sets In" and "Winter Sleeps"

Still is released thru Zealrecords.

  1. Still, It Is
  2. Hug, Run
  3. Dance Dance Dance
  4. Autumn Falls
  5. Down in the Deep
  6. Spring Sets In
  7. La durée
  8. Winter Sleeps

Live dates:
  • 02/24 Tongeren, Belgium @ Winter Tales 2018 - Cultuurcentrum de Velinx
  • 02/25 Leuven, Belgium @ Artefact Festival 2018 - STUK Kunstencentrum
  • 03/01 Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Cross-Linx 2018 - De Doelen
  • 03/02 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Cross-Linx 2018 - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
  • 03/03 Eindhoven, Netherlands @ Cross-Linx 2018 - Muziekgebouw Frits Philips
  • 03/04 Enschede, Netherlands @ Cross-Linx 2018 - Muziekcentrum
  • 04/07 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Vondelkerk

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