January 06, 2018

Trey Anastasio's guitar tech Brian Brown retires in 2018

Brian Brown, the guitar tech who has been taking care of Trey Anastasio's gear for more than 20 years, calls it quits later this year. From Trey Anastasio's Guitar Rig:

After over 2 decades working for the Phish organization as guitar tech to Trey Anastasio, fan favorite Brian Brown will be retiring in 2018. Brown, 65, has worked as a tech in the industry for 40 years. He explained that the physical toll of the profession has contributed to his decision to retire, including the “heavy lifting, truck loading, [and] 14 hour workdays.” Combining his 10 years as a musician to 40 as a tech, Brown says, “I’ve been setting up concert gigs for 50 years… since I was 15 years old,” adding “Mother Nature is telling me to slow down.”

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