January 25, 2018

Steve Gardner: Bathed In Comfort

A self-proclaimed amateur making a record with a couple seasoned pros? Will that work? Yes, quite well actually. English singer-songwriter Steve Gardner recorded his album Bathed In Comfort during two recordings sessions in a studio in Noe Valley in California with Chuck Prophet and his touring band The Mission Express. Gardner had the songs, but was clueless how to make them sound like he was hearing them inside his head. That's where the pros stepped in, providing guidance and ideas.

While he clings to his Englishness the album has a West Coast vibe. There is a lightness to his introspective songs like I'm Gone, Picture Of You and Take Me Down, but it is no one-way street. The rock version of The Day The Aliens Saved The World is a cheerful vaudeville raver song and the pastoral The Miller's Daughter is a prime example of storytelling folk song, about halfway Nick Drake and Fairport Convention. The Kinks come to mind during the quirky Peter The Astrophysicist.

With this album his dream of becoming a recording artist came true. Kudos to Chuck Prophet for making it a reality after Gardner had worked up the nerve to send him an email. Prophet did not beat around the bush and replied: “I’m up for anything, This is the kind of meat I gobble up”. After all is said and done it is good to realise that each pro started out as an amateur.

Steve Gardner: vocals, guitar, piano
Vicente Rodriquez: drums
Kevin T. White: electric bass, upright bass
James Deprato: guitar, banjo, mandolin
Chuck Prophet: guitar, vocals
Stephanie Pinch: vocals
Ralph Carney: horns, harmonica

Bathed In Comfort is a self-released album. Buy it (vinyl, CD, digital) from his website.

  1. Rosalie
  2. The Day The Aliens Saved The World (rock version)
  3. I Can't Walk Away
  4. I'm Gone
  5. Picture Of You
  6. Take Me Down
  7. The Day The Aliens Saved The World (country version)
  8. What Would I Do?
  9. I Forgot
  10. The Miller's Daughter
  11. Peter The Astrophysicist
  12. The Fall of Lance Gardino

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