January 08, 2018

7 Hour Darkness Invasion: God Ain't Dead Yet

Take bits from the Bloodhound Gang, The Libertines, Blur and let it simmer for a couple of hours. That's the recipe that 7 Hour Darkness Invasion might have used for their new album God Ain't Dead Yet. Let's call it slacker surf rock with Britpop, shoegaze and punk trying to be part of the equation.

It's a weird and wild ride, with off-key vocals and occasional screaming. Anything goes with this band, but there is a method in their madness, with witty lyrics to boot. Naming tunes "I mean, it's a good album". "Queer as in Fuck You" or Another Song might no go down for those who cherish the mystique of the artistic process, but this down-to-earth approach works like a charm. Play loud and then play it even louder again.

7 Hour Darkness Invasion:
Dan Jackson: drums
Ivy Bale: bass
Alfie Prior: guitar
Yvette Pyke: guitar, vocals

God Ain't Dead Yet is a self-released album. Buy it from their website. Release date: January 14.

  1. God Ain't Dead Yet
  2. Pop Song
  3. 3rd Biggest Name on Campus
  4. Skate Punk
  5. Rest of My Life (full band)
  6. Kill The Crowd
  7. "Queer as in Fuck You"
  8. The New Party Song (feat. Fawn)
  9. Surf Punk
  10. "I mean, it's a good album"
  11. Another Song
  12. The Theme to God Ain't Dead Yet

Live date:
  • 0/17 York, UK @ The Fulford Arms
    (album release party w/ Fat Spatula, Katherine MW, & Fawn)

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