December 03, 2017

Garciaphone: Dreameater

French musician Olivier Perez is slowly building an impressive catalog of melancholic folk songs with his Garciaphone project. The new album Dreameater never rises above a whisper - he mostly prefers brushes to keep the beat, and keyboards and acoustic guitar are the instruments of choice to enhance the melody - pointillism set to music.

You are kindly invited to explore the subdued intensity of A Hole In The Universe, the lure of pastoral Mourning Of The Day and the neo-psych of I'll Be A Riddle that could have been written by Jacco Gardner. Recommended if you like No Ninja Am I.

Olivier Perez: guitars, vocals, drums, keyboards, percussion
Christophe Adam: double bass on 2
Zacharie Boissau: piano, keyboards, backing vocals on 2
Julie Lopez: backing vocals on 2, 5 and 7
Matthieu Lopez: bass, electric guitar

Dreameater is released on Tiny Room Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. Don't Let It Die Like This
  2. Oh Sleepless World
  3. Heirmet
  4. I'll Be A Riddle
  5. Mourning Of The Day
  6. Deadstar
  7. Every Song Of Sorrow Is New
  8. A Hole In The Universe
  9. Our Time To Spare
  10. Dusk


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