November 11, 2017

Jimmy Page: Full Address and Q&A @ The Oxford Union

Watch the Jimmy Page full address and Q&A @ Oxford Union on October 23. A full transcript can be found at

As I say, the lifetime achievement of this is here I am now talking to you guys and there have been a number of re-releases of Led Zeppelin, but from day one there’s been people, musicians, coming to listen to Led Zeppelin and through the decades and whether it’s from the guitar playing and the performance aspect of that, whether it’s songwriting, or whether it’s the production, it’s been inspiring to young musicians and I feel that really is my lifetime achievement to do something which was initially my hobby, turn that into something which was a very professional process but still a very creative one, not closed down and just something which is constantly reinventing itself. To inspire young musicians is something which is really wonderful because you pass the baton further on, thanks very much.


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