November 06, 2017

Hinda Hoffman: Driftin' at the Lake

Jazz singer Hinda Hoffman recorded her Driftin' at the Lake in 2014, selling the album at her live shows. Now it is finally time for world wide release. She is an established member of the Chicago jazz scene. When she isn't busy delivering blue and other notes in one of the clubs, she shows the next generation the ropes on how to become a singer with a knack for swing and groove, besides the essential techniques that will preserve their vocals chords.

She has a voice that is smooth and silky, making the passive-aggressive lyrics about folks who have betrayed her all the more cutting. Life experience enables her to give some sound advice to those who are starting out on Hello Young Lovers. Urging her listeners to stand up for themselves like she does I've Got a Right and the ability to pick up your stuff and move on when all else fails I'm Traveling Light. Backed by a kick-ass quartet Driftin' at the Lake is an album of melodic jazz that is easy on the ears, but serious in content.

Hinda Hoffman: vocals
Ron Perrillo: piano
Dennis Carroll: bass
George Fludas: drums
Patrick Mallinger: saxophone

Driftin' at the Lake is a self-released album. Buy it from her website (digital) or CDBaby.

  1. Who Will Your Next Fool Be
  2. You Don't Know Me
  3. If I Should Love You
  4. Hello Young Lovers
  5. Something to Live For
  6. I've Got a Right
  7. Only Trust Your Heart
  8. People Will Say
  9. I'm Traveling Light
  10. If You Never Come To Me
  11. I'll Never Be The Same
  12. The Good Life
  13. Driftin'


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