October 19, 2017

Trevor and The Joneses: Take You to Stay

BEST OF 2017

Las Vegas isn't known as city that is associated with cutting edge music. It's a place for over the hill acts making a killing catering to audiences who are taking a break between gambling sessions. But as per usual in any major city there is a small but vibrant underground scene where good things happen. Psychedelic rock quartet Trevor and The Joneses boasts not one, but two multi-instrumentalists and a swinging rhythm section. Their second album Take You to Stay is a colourful trip down memory lane, signposted by acts like Love, Nazz, Jefferson Airplane and The Velvet Underground.

They love to experiment - Breaking Bones is a clash of the East and West Coast guitar - and bring in a sitar played by Barnaby Gallagher to add an extra layer to the title track. Meteors is an improvised tracks that could have been produced by Joe Meek had he lived long enough to produce the early Pink Floyd. Jones' nasal vocals take center stage in Found, a melancholic, mostly acoustic, pop song.

Trevor and The Joneses are long way from The Strip, but it's worth tracking them down in Sin City. Take You to Stay is the perfect antidote for the racket of the slot machines, the elevator muzak and CĂ©line Dion.

Trevor and The Joneses:
Trevor Jones: electric and acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, vocals, electric sitar, bass, Snoopy’s harp, melodica, keyboard, claves, cabasa, tambourine, shakers, toy xylophone, tambourine, handclappings
Chris Montijo: drummings, subwoofer cajon, foot tambourine
Joe Lawless: electric and acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, vocals, keyboards/synths, tambourine, handclappings
John Fallon: bass, tambourine, additional handclappings

Take You to Stay is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Squares
  2. Gotta Run
  3. Breaking Bones
  4. Moon Shoes
  5. Found
  6. Meteors
  7. On My Mind
  8. Well as Well
  9. Take You to Stay

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