October 25, 2017

The Covenant: Into Her Arms - The Story of Bloody Stupid Cash, part 3 of 3

Dutch indie rock band The Covenant released the first two parts of their rock opera trilogy The Story Of Bloody S. Cash in 2013, so it's been four years in the making before the final part finally sees the light of day. Divided into three chapters the life and times a petty criminal who dreams big come to a close. Into Her Arms - The Story of Bloody Stupid Cash, part 3 of 3 follows him when he tries to get away from it all. Spoiler: no Hollywood ending.

They always have a knack of incorporating a wide variety of styles into their music, using the guitar styling of The Edge for Here Comes The Sun and out bringing back the spirit of over-the-top rock singer Falco for Freund/Feind. Remember the sound of a modem setting up dial-up internet connection? There is one in Get Me Offline.

If this was a big money production the protagonist for be heading for the sunset in a fast Getaway Car, but he is fully aware that he has to make do with an old bike. Into Her Arms - The Story of Bloody Stupid Cash, part 3 of 3 is rock 'n' roll road trip, with plenty of drugs, mayhem, self-deprecating humour and misfortune. Recommended if you like the early Seventies Kinks.

The Covenant:
Frank van der Reep: vocals
Peter Stap: bass
Hans Koomans: guitar
Daniël Janssen: drums

Into Her Arms - The Story of Bloody Stupid Cash, part 3 of 3 is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. 3.1 And On The Run
  2. Here Comes The Sun
  3. Moonchild
  4. Freund/Feind
  5. Impossible Human Being
  6. Getaway Car
    3.2 Still On The Run
  7. End Of Summer
  8. Heading For A Fall
  9. Get Me Offline
  10. If Anything Happens To You
    3.3. End Of The Run
  11. There's Something Wrong
  12. All Is Well
  13. You're My Last Friend
  14. No Ordinary Guy/Dead Moon Rising
  15. The Basement

Live dates:
  • 11/04 tbd, Anna Paulowna
  • 11/19 Biljart Dart Cafe Janssen en Janssen, Millingen aan de Rijn
  • 12/02 Café de Melterij, Wormerveer
  • 12/09 Jongerencentrum Cerberus, Hengelo
  • 01/13 OJA, Aarle Rixtel
  • 12/24 Café The Groove, Sittard
  • 01/17 Tapperij de Verwachting, Zaandam
  • 02/24 Café The Groove, Sittard
  • 06/16 Schuurpop, Alkmaar
  • 07/07 Cafe Het Spektakel, Asten
  • 11/10 Rockcafé Taste, Groenlo

» thecovenant.nl

HCTF review of The Story Of Bloody S. Cash.

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