September 07, 2017

No Ninja Am I & Fusée Dorée: You Are Always Here

Two electronic indie folk acts joined forces for a single. Dutchman Sander van Munster (No Ninja Am I) and French Emmanuelle Ornon (Fusée Dorée) have been discussing writing and performing for years, whenever they bumped into each other in Amsterdam.

You Are Always Here grew out of a couple of beats and a sketch for a melody that Van Munster had created. Ornon said yes and together they wrote a gentle song with intricate harmonies, taking turns at the vocals. Downtempo pop kept together by a rhythm as fine and effective as a gossamer thread.

You Are Always Here is a self-released single. Streams on Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube.


HCTF review of We Share a Dream (No Ninja Am I).

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