August 29, 2017

HCTF premiere - Seafang: Solid Gold

Seafang keep shoegaze garage alive from their HQ at Saint Petersburg, FL. Their latest EP Solid Gold touches base with the Jesus and Mary Chain, Belly and the Bangles. Vocalists Heidi and Stacey sound like they have been recently rediscovered on a couple of underground singles that will make collector's drool. Spoiler: those 7" do in fact exist.

The barely legal catchiness of Summertime and the rumbling Motorcycle Song are a throwback to more innocent times. Remember when you could go "paaapapapaas" with a smile on your face like they do in the title track?

Heidi: vocals
Susan: guitar
Stacey: guitar, vocals
Gary: bass, vocals
Paul: drums

You can't have too much of a good thing. Seafang premieres their Solid Gold video on Here Comes The Flood. The track is available via Emotional Response Records on 7" vinyl (with Stardust as the B-side) and 5-track EP (CD, digital). Elephant Stone Records released a 7" of Motorcycle Song b/w Summertime.

  1. Solid Gold
  2. Stardust
  3. Motorcycle Song
  4. Summertime
  5. Be The One

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