August 22, 2017

Andy Pratt: Horizon Disrupted

photo: Phil Goldman

It may seem a bit odd for producer Steve Albini to produce an album of a Chicago jazz singer, but after receiving a demo in the labeled "Andy Pratt (Not That One)" he was intrigued. Pratt loves rough-around-the-edges sound, preferably captured on and analog equipment, and contacted Albini to see if he was up to it to make an album.

Horizon Disrupted centers around the vocals and Pratt's luscious string quartet arrangements. Don't be afraid that he turned it into a smooth crooner album. Pratt carries a lot of grudges and he isn't afraid to put them to good use. He made a singer-songwriter's jazz album with a rock attitude. it feels good, but it pulls no punches. Trying to pigeonhole this album is futile, like great music should be.

Andy Pratt: vocals, guitars
Joe Policastro: bass, vocals
Mikel Patrick Avery: drums, percussion, Glockenspiel
Quartet Parapluie:
Rebekah Cope: violin
Inger Petersen Carle: violin
Andra Kulans: viola & violin
Melissa Bach: cello
Kelly Bayer Langenberg: French horn (track 8 only)

Horizon Disrupted is released on his own label Girl Thrift Records (vinyl, CD, cassette, digital). Buy it from his website.

  1. Will You Be The One Tonight?
  2. When Did The Summer End?
  3. She's Gotten Into My Dreams
  4. Rocket Ship
  5. Somewhere Down The Road
  6. I Saw You That Evening
  7. Horizon Disrupted
  8. Through The Rain

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